Job Posting

Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist
Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center

Purpose of Job:

The Learning Center at the Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing targets three distinct areas of consumer growth: Language and Literacy, Independent Living Skills, and Job Readiness/Vocational Skills. Through uniquely designed programs and services our consumers will receive the assistance and training they need to become independent and employable, despite any communication differences. Our programs and services strive to provide consumers the skills necessary to become contributing members of their families and communities. The Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist provides support, knowledge, and skill-building to those community members seeking employment. With support provided by the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals will develop goals and objectives to assist them in achieving their vocational aspirations.


The ideal candidate has experience working with individuals who are D/deaf or hard of hearing in the VR field and is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). In addition:  the following skills are preferred:

  • A Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • A Certificate of Rehabilitation Counseling (CRC) is preferred
  • Experience working directly with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and the ability to communicate with people who use various modes of communication
  • Fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) and familiarity with deaf culture, including the ability to work with potential employers to teach and train them on job candidates who are D/deaf
  • Two to five years’ work experience in a professional environment.
  • Strong organizational, leadership and interpersonal skills, along with the ability to communicate with all types of people


To apply, simply follow these steps:

1. Fill out the first section of the form below and answer the questions.

2. Either (A) attach a resume and cover letter or (B) continue filling out the form with your previous work/education information.

3. Electronically "sign" the form and use the Submit button.

Call 216-325-7552 with any questions.