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American Sign Language Interpreter


The ASL Agency Interpreter at Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center (CHSC) plays a key role in the language and cultural integration of the multifaceted teams that support our mission to the community. You will provide American Sign Language interpreting for the valued deaf and hard of hearing team members at CHSC ensuring access to information, optimal collaboration within and across agency teams, and high-level employee engagement. You will represent these valued employees both within the agency and in the community will do so professionally and with a high level of accuracy with regard to message and communicative intent. Additional responsibilities will include other center-based interpreting assignments including board meetings, committee meetings, CHSC department meetings, clinical appointments, and interpreting for videos that are recorded for special messages and events. You will create a catalog of regional signs and acronyms important for the success of other CHSC interpreters and will also help to document the language needs of other CHSC team members so that they can be skillfully interpreted in the community. As CHSC deploys its regional video remote interpreting (VRI) services, you will be key to the implementation and will work as an interpreter for the VRI services as your schedule allows. Finally, you will develop curricula for workshops to be offered to interpreters across the region, thereby improving the expertise and knowledge of the entire interpreting community.

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Educational Sign Language Interpreter

The ideal candidate is fluent in American Sign Language and has experience or training to work in an educational interpreting setting.

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Freelance Community American Sign Language Interpreter

Provides sign language interpreting services to individuals throughout Northern Ohio who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing ensuring adherence to the Interpreter’s Code of Ethics.

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