Strategic Plan

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Co-chaired by CHSC board members, Deandre Williams-Lewis and Carlos Santos, eight members of the board of directors and the senior management team completed an intensive 6-month strategic planning process, facilitated by David Kantor, Principal of Kantor Consulting. Additional input was provided by CHSC's staff, clients, and community stakeholders through one-on-one and small-group interviews. The strategic priorities for the next three years were established using our vision of our organization in 2026.

The context of this planning process was important, as our organization was still recovering from the substantial disruption of the COVID-19 global pandemic. We found that responding to the needs of the community with a new focus on public health created many opportunities for new ways to fulfill our mission through, for instance, the introduction of telepractice. In the midst of this tumultuous time, CHSC recognized that our focus on learning and resourcefulness gave us the ability to weather multiple challenges in a responsive, mission-driven way. We quickly emerged as an organization that was able to manage significant change through teamwork, trust, and a culture of innovation. At the same time, we recognized numerous opportunities for growth in the space of diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as working toward becoming a workplace of choice for our team members.

From this new perspective, our strategic planning committee revised our 2026 strategic direction.

2026 Strategic Direction

  • CHSC will leverage our clinical expertise, technology, documented outcomes and marketing efforts to raise awareness of the CHSC brand and promote communication access to the community.
  • We will expand our outreach efforts in Greater Cleveland and beyond, partnering with organizations who know the communities we’re trying to reach, to better define and identify the needs of our diverse clientele. CHSC will enhance its Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to provide extensive services to the Deaf community.
  • With a focus on accessibility, equity, diversity, justice, and inclusion in our Board and staff, our positive culture will nurture a workforce environment where people feel valued and engaged, which will support high employee satisfaction and our recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Our philanthropic efforts, funding advocacy and payor relationships will solidify our financial performance to support our operations and ensure our long-term ability to serve the community.

With this ambitious vision for 2026 in mind, we created the following strategies for the next three years.

2022-25 Priority Strategies


Gain a deeper understanding of the populations we serve so that we can provide optimal services in accessible locations to maximize impact.

Financial Performance

Leverage asset management, philanthropy and governmental advocacy to strengthen our long-term financial position and performance.

Justice, Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Nurture our culture for advancing justice, accessibility, inclusion, diversity and equity throughout all areas of organizational operations and governance.

Work Place

Develop and implement a workforce model that supports our evolution into an employer of choice with strong employee recruitment, retention, and satisfaction.

CHSC is grateful to the Lubrizol Foundation, who provided financial support for our strategic planning process.