Accent Modification Program 

  • Do you miss career advancement opportunities because of your accent? 
  • Do people often ask you to repeat yourself? 
  • Do you avoid speaking in English because you are afraid to make mistakes? 
  • Do you struggle to communicate on the phone? 

The goal of our accent modification program is not to eliminate your accent, but to enhance your ability to communicate with greater clarity and confidence.

The Accent Modification Program features:

  • Individualized assessment performed by a licensed speech-language pathologist with experience in accent modification.
  • Examination of the cultural and linguistic features of each participant’s first language and how that impacts the production of English.

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center offers:

  • Individual and group accent modification sessions in our conveniently located University Circle or South Euclid offices.
  • Corporate accent modification cohort programs on-site at your place of employment.
  • Telepractice (individual lessons available via video  chat).
  • Presentation/public speaking coaching.
  • Full analysis of each participant’s pronunciation of sounds, syllable stress, rate of speech, intonation, muscular force and grammatical structures.
  • An individualized program, based on the assessment  and developed in collaboration with each participant, to enhance overall communicative effectiveness.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Improved communication with colleagues, business associates and customers/clients
  • Increased job opportunities and promotions
  • Fewer errors due to miscommunication
  • Enhanced self-confidence and self-image
  • Enriched cultural understanding
  • Expanded social opportunities

Download our Accent Modification Program flyer here.

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