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We believe that life is improved by successful communication. We are dedicated to helping people hear better so they can fully enjoy the people and activities that bring meaning to each day.

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Free Online Hearing Screening

Free Online Hearing Screening

Please note that this does not replace an in-person hearing evaluation, however, it may indicate the need for further hearing testing and evaluation. 

Hearing Evaluations/Testing

Hearing Evaluations/Testing

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Audiologists at Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center can evaluate the hearing of children and adults with a hearing test. We perform different tests to determine if a hearing loss is present or not.  If there is a hearing loss we will determine:

  • The amount (or degree) of hearing loss
  • The type of hearing loss
  • If the hearing loss is permanent or temporary
  • How the hearing loss will likely affect the individual in their daily life
  • What treatment options are available

You can expect to be with us for about an hour while we take a thorough case history to understand your concerns and then customize the testing and solutions to meet your needs. You can count on continuity of care from a team dedicated to your well-being.

Test results are available immediately and the audiologist will explain the results to the patient and/or the family. Which tests are given will be determined by the patient’s chief complaint and areas of concern. CHSC conducts a variety of hearing tests including:

  • Otoscopy
  • Middle Ear Testing/Tympanometry
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
  • Audiometry
  • Speech Testing
  • Central Auditory Processing
  • Cochlear Implant Assessment

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

The need for hearing assistance varies widely among individuals—it is not one size fits all! That is why you should expect personalized service with solutions customized for your particular needs, not a warehouse approach. 

  • Wide selection of hearing aid products and services
  • Highly skilled team of audiologists with over 100 years of combined experience
  • Research-based, progressive agency focused on continuous education 
  • Ability to work with individuals of all ages and abilities with solutions tailored to the individual’s needs 
  • Full support system: In addition to hearing testing, product selection and follow-up appointments, we also offer speech and language therapies and aural rehabilitation to help you get the best benefit from your hearing aids

To better serve you, CHSC is now offering a
Hearing Aid Counter Service Walk-In Clinic
for Current CHSC Clients

All of our offices offer multiple walk-in clinics throughout the week.
Please call ahead to confirm the days and times at your desired office.

  • University Circle office: 216-231-8787
  • Lyndhurst office: 216-382-4520
  • Westlake office: 440-455-9898
  • Broadview Heights office: 440-838-1477

Walk-in clinic is counter service and hearing aids will be serviced in the order they are received.

Services available in the hearing aid walk-in clinic:

  • Professional hearing aid cleaning including changing earmold tubing, changing hearing aid filters, changing domes, etc.
  • Troubleshooting of hearing aid and charging case issues
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Hearing aid/cell phone connection issues

$20 charge per hearing aid if not covered under a CHSC service warranty

Services not available and that require an appointment:

  • Hearing Evaluations
  • Hearing aid programming (connecting the hearing aids to a computer to change the settings)
  • Making new earmolds/hearing aids
  • Hearing aid fit issues (hearing aid doesn’t fit in the ear properly)

$99 minimum charge for an office visit if the hearing aid is out of a CHSC service warranty

Payment Options

Payment Options

Hearing aids range in price based on style and technology. Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center is pleased to provide these payment options to meet the various needs of our patients.

  • Self-Pay: Cost varies according to model selected, which is based upon your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Typical costs range from $800-$3,000 for each hearing aid.
  • Insurance: We are a provider with many insurance companies, including Medicaid and CareSource. Coverage and out-of-pocket costs are dependent on your plan. Our friendly staff can help you determine your benefit.

Audiology Patient Assistance Program (APA)

A sliding-fee scale program for those who financially qualify (CLICK HERE FOR APA APPLICATION) significantly reducing the cost for the patient. Costs range from $50 - $1,000 per hearing aid.

Other Hearing Services & Programs at CHSC

Other Hearing Services & Programs at CHSC

Cochlear Implant Services

CHSC works collaboratively with local surgeons to provide cochlear implant services including candidacy evaluations, device selection, activation, mapping, and follow-up care for children and adults.

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