Agency Interpreter

Major Duties and Expectations

1.     Strictly abide by the Interpreters’ Code of Ethics

2.     Understand and support the CHSC mission and vision, “A community where all people can communicate effectively.”

3.     Provide in-person sign language interpreting

  • In-Center for deaf and hard of hearing staff
  • In the community for deaf and hard of hearing staff
  • In-Center for board meetings, committee meetings, and all-staff meetings
  • In-Center for the clinical appointments of clients requiring communication accommodation
  • In-Center for deaf and hard of hearing community members who need to interact with front-desk Client Care Coordinators
  • In-Center for the recording of videos of people who use spoken language for special messages or events

4.      Provide video remote sign language interpreting, as schedule allows

5.      Completes administrative duties:

  • Develops and maintains CHSC proprietary records in a timely manner on client service demographics, service provided, and other related CHSC documentation.
  • Provides support and back-up for our operations manager (scheduling/phones)
  • Set up VRI for our staff
  • Other duties as assigned

6.      Expands clinical, legal, medical, mental health, educational and academic training and preparation for our staff

  • Prepares our staff for licensure and certification from the national body of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.
  • Attends trade shows, develops articles and videos for articles for literature, journals, magazines, videos, our website etc.
  • Attends conferences and seminars within budget
  • Mentors and assess CHSC Staff interpreters

7.      Develops and participates in educational and/or public relations’ programs for Interpreters, community professionals regarding the mission and efforts of CHSC and particularly Interpreting as appropriate to career path:

  • Works with and educates staff on the laws, regulations and pending legislation (including the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)) regarding deaf and hard of hearing issues.
  1. Back up support for our 24 hour emergency paging system
  2. Other duties as assigned by Director of Interpreting.