Brandonn O’Neal

At two, Brandonn was diagnosed with autism and wasn’t speaking at all. Because of supporters like you, Brandonn received speech therapy at CHSC, where he learned basic sign language, how to form simple sounds, and complete sentences. With consistent support, Brandonn has become a cheerful chatterbox who loves to greet his therapist weekly! > Learn More

Ruby Holderread

In 2015, Ruby’s husband passed away and Ruby was laid off from her job. She reached out to the Community Center for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing as her house of many years was on the brink of foreclosure. Her deaf advocate provided her with no-cost support—saving her home, connecting her with a new job and providing social connections with others in the Deaf community. > Learn More

Ava Hersman

After a healthy pregnancy and birth, Christie and Josh Hersman were shocked when an auditory test confirmed their baby Ava had hearing loss. Early intervention home visits from a CHSC audiologist supported Ava’s hearing and development from an early age and taught the family to advocate for her needs once Ava entered school." > Learn More