What is the Best Hearing Aid for Me?

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Date Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 10:00am - 11:00am
Duration   1 hours

From wearing masks to physical distancing to washing our hands more frequently, we are all adjusting to the new normal. Unfortunately, many of these changes introduce new challenges to social interactions—we may have difficulty hearing the cashier at the grocery store, we may now be seeing medical professionals online and we may not be able to have as many social interactions as we typically do. The audiologists at Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC) are pleased to announce a new virtual educational series that address these issues in addition to answering questions people may have about their hearing. Each presentation is 30-45 minutes in length and will be presented FREE via Zoom. Registration is required.

What is the Best Hearing Aid for Me?

Choosing a hearing aid can be very confusing—there are many options available.  We will discuss the factors you need to consider when purchasing hearing aids and how to choose the best hearing aid for you.

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