Support Services & Advocacy are available to any Deaf or Hard of Hearing child, adult, and/or family needing access to services and case management. CCDHH provides a variety of services such as access to housing, government benefits, obtaining or retaining food stamps, Social Security, employment, parenting, budgeting, reading, and interpreting documents. The mission of Support Services & Advocacy is to break down the barriers for Deaf and Hard of Hearing when they attempt to access services in their community.
Support Services & Advocacy include the following:
  • Information and referral to community programs
  • Vocational and financial counseling
  • Coordination with legal, educational, and mental health supports
  • Explanation of various government services
  • Assistance in securing housing, furniture, and other basic needs 
  • Supporting effective communication within families
  • Advocacy in courts, schools, hospitals, places of employment, police departments, etc.
The following services are NOT provided by the CCDHH department:
  • Mental health counseling or other related services
  • Drug and alcohol treatment services
  • Drug and alcohol prevention services outside the contract with Cuyahoga County
  • Any services for persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing that require special agency licensing
Keys 4 Deaf Access
The Keys 4 Deaf Access Project is a collaboration between Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center, Cleveland Division of Police, and Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center’s Community Center for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. The objective of KEYS is to ensure accessibility of services to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Cuyahoga County. Through advocacy, outreach, and technical assistance, the KEYS team provides services in a culturally competent manner, and provides training and education to social service agencies along with the criminal justice systems to appropriately interface with Deaf victims and survivors impacted by intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence. 
For information regarding Support Services & Advocacy, please contact the CCDHH office at:

Voice: (216) 325-7581
Fax: (216) 325-7681
VP: (440) 387-4833
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